Gitonia tis Irinis – Galina Spitakia

Greek Tourist Board licensed – 3keys
Gitonia tis Irinis - Galina Spitakia
Antonis Em. Mavros (Antonaros) is an exceptional self-educated artist who was born and still lives in Pano Koufonissi of Cyclades islands. His main occupations are architecture, decoration and constructions. Being deeply influenced by the uniqueness and the beauty of his native island, he created a marvelous small tourist resort called “Gitonia tis Irinis” (Irini’s Neighbourhood), based on the tradition of Cyclades.

“Gitonia tis Irinis” consists of 15 self-catered small houses, each one with its own yard. All of them have access to a garden full of flowers and magnificent view to the sea and Keros island. “Gitonia tis Irinis” is located only 150 meters from the central beach and the village of this beautiful place. There are single rooms, double rooms and small apartments with three or four beds, each one with its own bathroom and kitchen, so each tenant can feel self-sufficient.

We believe that by offering a friendly atmosphere and a pleasant stay you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

«Gitonia tis Irinis – Galina Spitakia»
Antonis Em. Mavros
Tel/ Fax: +30 22850 71674
Koufonissi- Cyclades.