The Church of the Blessed Virgin on Keros

Panagia Church on Keros
The Virgin’s chapel on Keros was built by three monks.
They initially lived in the monastery of the Virgin Hozoviotissa on Amorgos.
They settled on the land belonging to the monastery on Keros, they built their cells and the chapel and lived on what the inhabitants of the surrounding islands offered.

In 1820 during Turkish occupation, a Greek from Kranidi who had turned Muslim and become a pirate, known as Tourkodimitris, raided the Koufonisia, Schinoussa and Keros. The few inhabitants present on Keros resisted and were killed. The pirate carried the monks to the old fortifications at the top of a hill and threw them off the cliff, killing all three. He then destroyed the chapel.
In later operations against the pirates of the Aegean led by Admiral Miaoulis, 115 pirate ships were either sunk or captured, among them the ship belonging to Tourkodimitris.
Panagia Church on Keros
The monastery’s land on Keros was rented out for pastureland. The shepherds rebuilt the chapel on the same site. Simple and unadorned without a dome, with stone walls and a clay and thatch roof. Three icons were placed inside, the Virgin’s, St George’s and St Nicholas’ and they are still there.

The chapel was repaired in 1979.

In 1992 a campanile was erected.