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Logo Prassinos Boat Tours For many years now, ‘Prassinos Boat Tours’ has been transporting you to the beauties of Koufonissia and Mikres Cyclades, of the Remote Line.
Enjoy unforgettable views with us at the exceptionally beautiful, azure beaches of Pano and Kato Koufonissi. Harokopou (Finikas), Fanos, Platia Pounta (Italida), Pori, Panagia, Nero, and other beaches on a Keros, Antikeri, Glaronisi, and rocky islets around our islands.


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The origin and mainstay of the Prassinos family is the legendary Captain Kostas Prassinos. He breathes in his great love, the sea.
Experienced and fearless, during the last 50 years he has become a symbol of sea transportation in small wooden vessels, be it for recreation or rescue interventions.

A worthy heir at the helm of Kostas, his son, Roussetos Prassinos.
With love and respect he continues the work bequeathed by his father, providing with his vessels services to Koufonissia contributing to the prosperity and development of the island.

We combine tradition with experience.
Know ledge with technique in modern navigation.

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With respect for the sea and our passengers, we are waiting for you at our vessels “MARIGO”, “ROUSSETOS PRASINOS”, “AGIOS GEORGIOS”, “KAPETAN KOSTAS” and “TAXIARCHIS”… to offer you pleasant rides by moonlight or at sunset or your daily transportation to our beaches on calm seas or rough.

Equally easily and alternatively we transport you in our vessels to Koufonissi via Naxos, from the closest point between the two islands, the little quay at Volakas.

And if you decide to spend here the happiest moments of your life, your wedding or the christening of your child, we will see to it that all your guests have a safe transportation to the church of Panagia on Kato Koufonissi with a sea breeze and an island mood…!!!